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Hair Dye Without Ammonia

Will a hair dye without ammonia last? Ask our customers at Pure Naturelle and you’ll hear stories of beautiful colour that lasts...and lasts. Our 100% organic hair dyes are made from botanicals and herbs that work together to deliver exceptional results- and since they’re available in six colors, there’s a perfect hair dye for you among our colours. Think a 100% chemical-free hair dye can’t be effective? You’re about to discover the truth about Pure Naturelle’s products.

What is the Best Hair Colour Without Ammonia?

Shop around for a natural hair dye and you’ll find a wide range of products that look alike on the surface- but peer a little closer and you’ll see what sets our products apart from the crowd: gentle yet effective ingredients that not only dye your hair but also bring out natural highlights and tones, so you’ll see beautiful results every time you colour. Our dyes last longer than the competition, as well- 15-20 washes, on average. You can expect about one month of luscious colour from a single bottle of our hair due without ammonia.

Does Hair Colour Without Ammonia Really Work?

Natural pigments have been successfully used to dye hair for thousands of years. It is only within the last century that hair product manufacturers have started adding harsh chemicals and toxins into their products to boost their staying power. Like our customers at Pure Naturelle, once you try our chemical-free dyes, you’ll never go back to a traditional colouring product. You’ll see exceptional results with our herbal hair colour, and for a limited time, you can purchase two for the price of one. Our spring sales event is the best bargain on the Web.

What Hair Dye Has No Ammonia?

There are many hair colours on the market that are free of ammonia- but before you buy the first one you find online, you should know that not all herbal dyes are created equal. Some products are packaged as a dye when in reality they are just a rinse that will last only until the next time you shampoo. Pure Naturelle’s hair dye without ammonia lasts about one month when you shampoo every 36-48 hours. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about toxins, chemicals, or harmful ingredients since our product is gentle and organic.

Is Ammonia Bad For Your Hair?

A hair product containing ammonia can take a heavy toll on your locks, which is why it’s beneficial to use a product that is ammonia-free. The problem with many dyes without ammonia is that they often substitute other harsh ingredients to make up for their product’s lack of ammonia. Pure Naturalle Pure organic Herbal Hair Colour is safe to use on all hair colors and will even offer exceptional coverage for grey hair- it’s the best ammonia-free hair dye you can buy. Shop forPure Naturalle's hair dye without ammonia and take advantage of two-for-one prices while our spring sale continues.