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Organic Hair Dye

As you shop for an organic hair dye, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, not all natural hair colors are made to the same standards of quality, so the results you’ll experience will vary from one product to the next. For long-lasting, beautiful results with no harsh chemicals, choose Pure Naturelle, the best value on the market. Pure Naturelle organic hair colors are a terrific bargain when compared with similar products being sold today; consider taking a closer look when researching all-natural hair dyes.

5 Things You Must Know About Our Organic Hair Dye Products:

1. Pure Naturelle’s hair colors contain no chemicals, toxins, or harsh ingredients. While similar products on the shelf claim to be ‘natural’, our hair dyes are certified organic, so you can rest assured they only contain pure botanicals, like Henna, Aloe, Rubia, Indigo, Cassia, Hibiscus, and other herbs.

2. No side effects- no scalp burn, rashes, hot flashes, skin sensitivity or other adverse effects are associated with our organic hair dye. Use Pure Naturelle as often as you wish.

3. Long-lasting color for beautiful-looking hair. You can expect one month of rich and luxurious color by washing your hair every 36-48 hours after the initial 48-hour wait post-dye. For oily hair, we recommend washing about every day and a half, while for dry hair, once every two days is typically sufficient.

4. Best value on the market. Pure Naturalle’s spring sale is currently going on; take advantage of two-for-one prices for a limited time when you select two hair dyes and pay for only one. Now is the time to stock up and save- imagine two amazing months of grey coverage or enhanced color for about a quarter a day.

5. Natural-looking color. Many natural hair dye products look phony, even the colors that are meant to mimic blonde, auburn, brown, and black. At Pure Naturelle, we think that the best brands of hair dye are the ones that make customers look their best, with natural highlights and tones. We offer six spectacular colors in our organic line-up, so you’ll always be able to get hold of your favorite dye selection.

A Hair Dye Without Chemicals?

You may have been told that a hair dye has to be harsh to deliver great results, but that’s not the case with Pure Naturelle. We use only the gentlest, all-natural herbs and botanicals to color hair to perfection, and for a limited time, it’s the best investment of any organic hair dye. Our buy-two-pay-for-one sale is in full swing online at Pure Naturelle and is the #1 hair dye made from plants.

Shop our amazing hair color productsnow to save- take home your favorite colors or try something new. Our best sale of the year doesn’t last long, but while it does, it’s the perfect opportunity to shop for the whole year. Don’t forget to check out our organic cosmetics, natural skin-care products, and wholesome organic foods and wellness products.